hameem 1

Jul 24, 2011
hi .. an going to buy all of this stuff from local shop !! ..

phenom ii x4 955 BE
4G G.skill 1333
msi 870 g46
500G wd blue
asus dvd x24
thermal tack v4 500w
thermaltack v4 be case
msi gtx 560 ti twin forza oc

full hd monitor

NOW tell me what you think about the system that am going to get
and is what mobo could be better (no need to usb 3.0) another pci-e 2.0 will be nice
and why people prefer mobos that has newer northbridge ?
How much you are paying for it is the real question. Also, a few notes:

The X4 955 is a good "budget" gamer/OCer these days. If the price is right, it may be a worthwhile purchase.

I wouldn't get a board that doesn't have the 990FX chipset/AM3+ socket - it allows for upgrades to Bulldozer (due out at least by the end of this year). They also allow SLI, which brings me to the GPU.

The 560Ti is a good card, but if you're looking to add a second later on, you'll need a new motherboard. Either swap boards to the AM3+ socket or move to a 6950 (comparable to 560Ti in price and performance) to allow for CrossFire.

Power supply needs to be bigger - 650W for 1x560Ti/6950 or 750W for 2x560Ti/6950. It will run on 500W, but it will be under moderate-heavy load all the time and will shorten its life.

I mean, if you're not updating this platform, I would either go with this + a better PSU or wait until Bulldozer comes out (which eliminates any impending need to upgrade).

Again, we need to know how much this is going to cost in order to get an idea of how cost effective this build is.