Question Should I buy wireless or wired headphones for gaming (because of Bluetooth lag and mic not working unless headphones are in hands-free mode)


Dec 16, 2010
So, I'm planning to treat my self with new pair of gaming headphones. I zeroed the search on Logitech G935 but since I own Beats Studio Wireless 2 I know potential issues that can come up trying to configure them to work wirelessly with mic and audio (in the end I ended up using them with 3.5mm jack for audio and another pair of Samsung ear buds plugged into mic connector just so that I can talk while gaming :)).

Did a lot of research online about wireless headphones but I couldn't find any concrete answer on two important questions.

Firstly, even in case of G935 should I expect even some audio lag?

Secondly, connecting beats via Bluetooth with my PC, two profiles appeared in sound devices: hands-free and headphones. If hands-free is my default device, mic works but audio is pretty shitty. If I switch to headphones, audio is perfect but mic is not working.

Should I expect this behaviour with any wireless headphones (G935 included)? If so, then I'm better off buying G645.

Tanks guys
All reviews say they sound great but everything else is bad about them.

But your main issue is: "Should I expect this behaviour with any wireless headphones" - YES

Bluetooth Doesn’t Support High-Quality Audio When a Microphone Is In Use,
so what's the point of pricey super-sound wireless gaming headset? Exactly! No point.

And radio headphones can introduce all sorts of interference, etc.

If you want quality and guarantee that everything works without a hassle, you should go with a 3.5 or USB wired headphones.

My recommendation is HyperX Cloud

P.S. If you want to use Bluetooth, the only Bluetooth transceivers that can work with the duplex headsets (that receive high-quality audio and send mic sound simultaniously) are USB transceivers, like the Creative BT-W2, which requires a compatible Creative-brand Bluetooth headset.
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