Question Should I care about GPU's VRM/MOSFETs temperatures?

Mar 8, 2020
Hello everyone, One of my friends told me today that the temperature of the GPU's VRM and/or MOSFETs can affect performance and can make the GPU throttle in performance...
So I have an XFX RX 570 that comes with a thermal pad that's placed on the MOSFETs, But my question is, Can Thermal Pads be reused? as I recently replaced my GPU's cooler and I reused the MOSFETs thermal pad without damaging it, But how can I monitor it's temperature?
The second point is VRM, Should I care about VRM's temperature? And if so, how can I monitor it's temperature? (Note: I don't have a thermal gun)

Finally, What are the safe temps for MOSFETs and VRMs? and should I even worry about it?