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[SOLVED] should i change my fans out


Aug 26, 2017
Hi there right now i have corsair A1225M128 fans in my computer. I dont see any reviews online for it or nothing they came with my pc case. i was wondering is it worth getting better fans or it does not matter.


Depends on usage. I had a stock 140mm Blue LED CoolerMaster fan, a $4 replacement value, that ran sweet from day 1 for over 6 years, totally quiet and pc had decent temps. But I never ran the fan faster than @ 700rpm, no need to. At its rated 1300rpm it was somewhat loud.

Should you change fans out? That's a personal decision at best. Just because a fan seems cheap isn't a quantifiable reason. Yes there are better fans, yes there are better usage fans. Would your setup benefit from higher static pressure fans because of un-removed or non-removable hdd trays or higher cfm fans because of limited airflow or a mix because of a covered fron intake.

A 'better' fan like the Noctua might be a good fit, but a 'better usage' fan will show more benefits. Quality and performance are independent of each other on a case by case basis.

There's a big difference between swapping a fan doing the job for better, and swapping a fan for a fan that'll do a better job.



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