Question Should I change my fans RPM to decrease noise and risk increasing my CPU's temperatures? (And probably other component's temperatures as well)

May 25, 2020
I stumbled upon this option on my BIOS called "Smart Fan 5" and it allows me to set my fans to a "Silent" preset, where their RPM goes from 1700 to 1400.
Now, the noise change is noticeable and I like it, but it's true my computer is not actually a noisy one, even with the 1700 RPM; the noise reduction is probably just me nitpicking, for it isn't that much.

My CPU's temperatures go almost immediately from 45°-46° C to 50°-52° C, and I'm sure the rest of the components do get warmer too.

Will this change in temperature hurt my component's durability heavily over time or is safe?
Should I simply stay at 1700 RPM?

What do you think?