should i change my timing


May 13, 2001
I just got 2x1GB of Mushkin XP2-6400 memory. And in a day or so i will get another pair of 1GB of the same memory.

I read in two review sites that i should change the timing on my motherboard for best performance to get the best possible performance because the chips are faster then usual (whatever that means).

Here is a link to the manuf. page Mushkin

If changing my timing is the way to go, were do i change it? And what do i change it to?

My board is a D975XBX2, my cpu is Core 2 Duo 6700, my video is XFXExtreme 7950, i'm running 2 Raptors 74GB in Raid-0.

Also, what is a good temperature monitor, like the one used in this article, i can not seem to find it anywhere. Here is the link with a picture of the tempature readings. Tom's Hardware


Depending on your specific memory modules, you will likely first have to raise the DDR2 (memory) voltage above its standard 1.8V. (see this article for some BIOS screen shots that should be very similar to your MB's BIOS: )

Find out from Mushkin what the speed and latency specs are for your module, and what voltage was used. Then, set that DDR2 voltage in your BIOS, save the changes and reboot, and only then change the speed/latency timings to match the specs.