Question Should I consider a laptop 30 series card for on the go gaming?


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I currently have a PC with specs:
i7 8750H (with iGPU)
RTX 2070MQ (8GB)
16GB (2x8GB) 2667mhz RAM (plan to Upgrade to 2x16GB 3200mhz)
Intel Killer Wireless AC 1550 (with Ethernet Capability, Supports 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 6Ghz network connections)
Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSDs (250GB + 1TB) [custom since old drives failed]

However for a while now on newer released games I have begin to notice (more on my CPU) that my PC struggles to keep up so often I need to limit my quality settings to Medium to achieve 100+ fps. That being said I've noticed that a lot of Gaming laptops using between the i5 12th gen to i9 12th gen can vary between £500 and £1500 which I would definitely consider as I tend to be a "on the go gamer" a lot. I do notice on some systems that use the 3050ti or even 3070 there is still just 16GB RAM however I do know that for just around £100 you can get a custom RAM set to upgrade RAM storage (for 32GB) and similar prices if any of the storage isn't SSD storage.

Point is that whilst there was a fairly decent performance increase from 20 series to 30 series will that be present in the upgrade of laptop GPUs considering that it was considered that the laptop 1060 performed similarly to the desktop 1060, etc... but when the 20 series cards came out due to TDP limits performance cuts were more "significant" and considering that the 30 series laptop cards will be "assumed" better performing that will likely come with a higher TDP limit thus will there be any significant performance increase if I were to swap my old laptop for a new one with say a 3050ti, 3060 or 3070 (laptop).
The 30 series GPUs for laptops is a huge mess. The TDP is within a range and manufacturers are not open about this at all. For example, the RTX 3060 can come in 60W, 80W, or 100W flavors. Or if you want to see what a mess of specs you get, check out Wikipedia's GeForce 30 Laptop GPU table

Unless you get a 3070 laptop, you're not going to even break even on the 2070 you have. So unless you have some performance issue that you'd really like to get over, stick with what you have.