Should i continue folding??


Jan 10, 2010
i have been folding for a bit now ( only about 15 work units), and have rakced up about 5000 points, but is it really worth the extra strain it is putting on my cpu and gpu?

while folding cpu (i7 920 @ 3.8ghz) goes up to about 56°C, and cpu usage is about 25%
while folding gpu (ati radeon 5770, core @ 930mhz, mem @ 1340mhz) temp is about 75°C, and activity is usually about 98/99%

though while not folding, cpu very rarely goes above 40°C, and 3% usage.
gpu stays below 40°C

although i am happy to be doing nothing physically for a good cause, i dont want to shorten the life span of my pc.

what do you guys think?

should i keep folding, or stop??
by the time it would cause damage, the computer will be building cobwebs

you are within the temp specs of the cpu and gpu, and i assume you are within the voltage specs, so it should be fine for years of operation