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Question Should I disable core performance boost on my ryzen 7 3700x?

Jun 22, 2020
Recently I disabled my CPB so that I could get 20C cooler temps on my CPU temps hoping that this could stretch the life of my system. Or should I just enable it back since it wont make much of a difference?


Jun 2, 2009
Yes, this will probably extend the life of your system. But probably not by a notable amount. The CPU isn't going to force itself to work harder than it's capable of to the point where it will damage itself. The caveat is that there aren't many ryzen processors that have lived a "full life" with this technology to determine how much it will or wont affect the life of the processor. I think you are far more likely to want to upgrade well before you reach the end of your processors lifetime in either case. Unless you're in a situation where the processor is running up to the 90's leave this feature enabled to get everything you paid for.
Even with overclocking I have never had a cpu die on me. I think I have had every other component in a home pc die at one time or another. As above it’s far more likely you will want to upgrade or something in your system (motherboard) dies forcing you to upgrade.