Should I disable the onboard VGA?


Sep 21, 2011
Hello I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me.
In the bios set up fro my mobo, specifically the Advanced Bios Features, I have the 'Onboard VGA' set to auto. Other options are 'enable if No Ext PEG, and always enable. I have a GTX 580 installed but was wondering if there's any benefit to disabling or enabling the onbaord VGA. I understand that this is quite a small matter and there's no urgency, but I couldn't find any satisfactory info in either my instructions or searching the internet. Any help as always is greatly appreciated.
Auto would be the best option.
Why? Well because the BIOS will automatically detect the 580 as the Primary GPU and not reserve resources for the onboard IGP, thereby leaving a few resources absolutely free for usage by other system requirements or add ins.
If you leave it to always on, it's going to reserve resources for the IGP even though you may not be using it at all.