Question Should I get a 2070 over 1080?

2070 vs 1080

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Mar 9, 2019
Reason why I ask this is because 1080s NEW are like $700 and up when 2070s are $400-550. Yet SOME 2070 outperform 1080s by a little. Willing to spend 550ish. Currently looking at the 2070 rog strix.

Note: Now I’d like to game in 1440p and be safe on future proof for the next 4 years.

Also I know there are cheaper used 1080GPUs on the market. But don’t want to buy a mining card. Rather just get a brand new one to avoid that risk.

Questions: what’s the Best Buy? Gpu market still inflated? Should I just wait to buy a card or get the 2070?

Side question: for the rog strix gpu. I saw that there is 3 versions of the 2070 the normal. The advanced and overclocked. Which would be best to get. Yes the overclocked one will do better out of box but can’t you over click the other cards to at least get closer to the scores as an OC edition?