Should i get a new CPU with that HD6850 ?


Mar 14, 2011
Hi, so i currently have an old AMD Phenom I 9550 quad core CPU [PassMark Score of 2532]

The problem is that i have a gayass Fujitsu Mobo that doesnt support Overclocking, Nor theres ever gonna be a BIOS update for AM3 CPU support.

So the question is that will the CPU be a bottleneck to the HD6850 or not really? Should i buy the best availabe 95W AM2 CPU ?

thanks for ur opinions :b


+1, the 9550 is not the best option, but itll give you good performance in most of the less demanding games, but you should have an eye out for any good upgrade deals as alvine said, a great place for you to be would be the x4 965 with 8gb ddr3