Should I get a New Power Supply?


Dec 9, 2012
Hey Everyone,
First off I am new here so I didn't quite know where to put this question because it kind of falls under a couple things (In my opinion).

So here's the question. I am getting a new GPU (Nvidia GTX 680) and I looked at the Nvidia site and it said that the minimum power requirement was 550W. I only have 550W. Should I buy another power supply so I don't encounter any problems? Also if you could link me to a power supply that is maybe 600-700W that is also reliable that would make my day.

Thanks Everyone!

Computer Specs:

Intel Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 545 GPU
1x HP DVD Writer 1270t ATA Device
1x 1TB HDD


Mouse, Keyboard, Headset, Controller, WiFi Adapter.

Honestly that's really all I know, I don't know how helpful that will be but that is the best I can do.

Hopefully you can help me and just tell me if I should get a new power supply.

Thanks Again!


Nov 3, 2012
i would get a new psu. if a psu is running at full load, there is a higher chance it will have a lower life expectancy and possibly break.

i'd go for this one personally:

it's a corsair modular psu with a bronze rating.
if you don't want to spend that, you could get the tx650 instead which isn't modular, or even a 600w one would probably do you. don't skimp out on the psu though, if you get a cheap one, it could ruin your whole pc. stick to corsair or antec.
What is the make and model of your current PSU?
What is your budget and where are you buying from?

Nvidia's recommendation has to cover a few things, such as poor quality PSUs, which can't deliver what they claim, people using very power hungry systems, etc. So sometimes/often it is safe to go below Nvidia's recommendation.

A high quality 550W PSU is usually more than enough for a system with a single GTX 680. As long as it is high quality that is. So if your current PSU meets the criteria of being high quality, and having enough PCIe connectors (two) then you might not have to upgrade.
This review shows a system using an i7-3960X and GTX 680 drawing 362W under Metro2033.


Dec 9, 2012
After looking around a ton and not really knowing too much about PSUs I came up with this:

Reviews seem good and it seems that it is a good PSU. What do you guys think?

Also any opinions on the 660ti at all? Also looking into that to maybe drop the price of everything by about $100.

Also I am looking for a new keyboard as a side item:

Not quite sure if it is good or not. No one has to answer back with a keyboard I was just seeing if it is good or not.

Thank you for the help guys and hopefully you all will help me some more!