Oct 21, 2012
So i ordered my parts for my budget pc the other day. i ordered:

8gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram
msi hd 7770 ghz edition
320gb 7200 rpm hdd
pentium g860 sandy bridge
msi h61 mobo
corsair 430 80 plus psu

I was planning on playing BF3 multiplayer.... But have been reading that it needs quad core after i ordered the parts :(

Will i have to buy an i5 and not use my g860? if so then that would suck because its not like i can return it :(
It doesn't need a quad core. It's just very helpful.

Since that graphics card won't be running it on ultra anyways, your Pentium will be more than fine - though it would have been nice for you if you had gotten the ivy bridge pentiums. (Or has it not filtered down yet?)