Should i get cat 6 cable


May 3, 2009
I live in a older apartment, i pretty sure that the wiring is old as well. I have currently ATT uverse package with 24mbit dsl interent which is the highest ATT offers. what i am trying to do or if i can do is upgrade to cat6 instead of using cat5. the devices i have are the following.

I have xbox 360, nintendo wii. i have a server, 3 desktop pc,s and 2 laptops. the laptops conenct via wireless N AP so that doesnt matter. what i want to do is run cat6 between my gateway router and a couple of switches. since i have hubs which are 10/100mbs they will not work with CAT6 correct? is this even worth doing. also i dont think the xbox 360 will work with cat6 either? :) any advice on this would be helpful. thanks
CAT5 cables are able to run 1GigaBit networks; therefore, it would be a waste of money to change to CAT6a.

CAT6a will work with all your devices you listed.
The difference is that a CAT6a cable has more twists over 5 centimeters than a CAT5 and therefore can be used for upto 500MHz Frequency Bandwidth and 10GigaBit networks

spend the money on network switches and change out those Hubs if they really are Hubs


Jul 24, 2011
CAT5 supports up to 100baseT (100mbps) and uses 2 wire pairs while CAT5e supports up to 1000baseT (1gbps) and uses all 4 wire pairs found in an ethernet cable. A CAT5 cable, when spliced, can support multiple ethernet connections or phones. A CAT5e which utilizes all 4 pairs (8 wires) to achieve gigabit speed can be "downgraded" to a CAT5 (100mb speed) depending upon how the wires are utilized.

Likewise, CAT6 is basically CAT5e with better insulation/shielding allowing for both gigabit speed and reduced signal loss especially over a run distance of over 100meters, and CAT6 is backwards compatible with CAT5e or CAT5 specs/hardware.

But since you have a switch that only supports up to 100mbps speed, the CAT5 cables that you have should work fine. If you want to invest in future-proofing your wired networking go with CAT5e since it supports higher bandwidth if you plan to get a gigabit switch in the future.

Good luck!