Question Should I get RTX 3060Ti or XR 6700 XT?

Sep 26, 2022
I am currently running a GTX 1660Ti on a MSI 1151 Z270-A PRO motherboard with an i7-7700 and 32 GB RAM, but want to upgrade the GPU to something with a little more power. This is strictly for gaming, mainly on Linux, but occasionally also Windows.

I am not a "high end" gamer (meaning I don't require all settings to be set to max in games) and would never ever consider something like RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 because of the high power usage and massive price.

I only game at 1080p and ray tracing is not important to me.

I am considering RTX 3060Ti vs AMD's RX 6700 XT both from a performance point of view and from a power consumption point of view.

Watching a lot of YouTube vs videos and reading reviews here and there shows different results, making it difficult to judge.

Any recommendations?