Question Should I Get RTX 4090 or is RTX 4080 Almost As Good- For 8k Video Rendering

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Jan 1, 2018
Im currently using a RTX 3070 for my 8K video rendering. I also do video uprezzing via a AI program. Im aware almost any 40 series card will be an upgrade. Im humming and hawing whether to get the 4080 or 4090. I am aware the 4090 will be the ultimate card, but I saw a video review where the 4080 was almost as fast for video rendering 8K. But that was only 1 review. Im not using this card for gaming, so Im unsure of whether the 4090 is even worth it? I see charts showing the bigger difference between the 4080 and 4090 for some programs, but video rendering charts are few and far between. Im waiting for the budget to clear before getting a card, and Im also seeing if the price will drop more on these two cards.

So what would you recommend in my case? Go all out on the top card, or make due with a step down?

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Guest those looking for the,larger and more complex renders

For those looking for the best-performing GPU for rendering, the RTX 4090 24GB is hands down the best option.

Moving on to the RTX 4080 16GB. This GPU costs the same as the RTX 3080 Ti yet delivers 56% faster renders. It also increases the available VRAM from 12GB to 16GB, allowing for larger and more complex renders. Again, this is an excellent gen-over-gen improvement.

4090 seems like the obvious choice but as long as you don't think you'll end up with buyers remorse the 4080 will save you a few dollars.
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