Should i get this rig


Jul 24, 2011
I wanted to know if I should build a computer next month.with the 2011 socket , radeon 700, amd bulldozer and the nvidia 600 series my computer will probably be out dated. I haven't built one before so I don't know if this many changes happen every year

What do you need the computer for? I would wait for the GPUs to release, but I wouldn't wait for the CPUs. AMD has to make a huge step in their CPU design with Bulldozer in order to even catch up to the Sandy Bridge CPUs. The i5-2500K will be more than enough for games for the next several years, but Ivy Bridge is just around the corner and brings with it PCI Express 3.0 (for use with boards like the ASRock Gen3 series). Games have yet to really be limited by the CPU; the important component that is definitely worth the wait is the GPU.

Ninja Pants

Jul 10, 2011
That is the never ending question. No matter when you buy there will always be something around the corner. Whether you wait should never be based on ultimate performance because something better is always coming; it should depend on what you need it for, when you need it, what you budget is and how 'future proof' would it be if you bought now.
If you always waited for the next 'big thing' you would never end up with anything.

What boiler1990 says makes good sense :)