[SOLVED] Should I get Windows Mixed Reality?

Apr 21, 2019
So, I want to get into virtual reality. I don’t want to get into the external sensors, and I don’t want it to be too expensive. So the HTC Vive is off the table and I thought the oculus rift s was my only option. I found out Windows 10 has vr, I haven’t heard much about them, and I wonder why. I have a pretty nice gaming pc, the only thing I compromised on is the graphics card (would have thought about that when building it, Rx 580 gaming x 8gb). They seem to be $100 or even $200 cheaper, which would be great! I looked at all the specs, they seem to be at a high resolution, higher than the HTC Vive, similar to oculus rift s, but it’s at 90hz, achieving what oculus couldn't, and that’s a plus! A couple things I want to check on before I jump in and buy the cheaper and, what is so far, superior option: it’s 706ppi I heard that the higher it is the more realistic it is, I can’t find the ppi for the oculus rift and HTC Vive is, so I have nothing to compare it to, is it good, is it bad? Also, from what I find, it only tracks the controllers when it’s in the view of the camera, also, little information on how oculus does it, same thing? If not is there a huge difference? Oculus rift s has more cameras, so is WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) less accurate on tracking controllers and my play area (another question: does WMR Have that play area tracking? It doesn’t say and I don’t want to break anything). So ya, also opinions on WMR, or to many unknown variables, go oculus even if it’s double the price?

(I have a side question, I’m also getting a new graphics card for vr, my Rx 580 gaming x 8gb it might be under a lot of stress when doing it. How’s the Radeon 5700 xt? I can’t find benchmarks on vr, and I have asked on this website and I can’t find a definite answer, but I have heard two things: comparing it to the rtx 2070 and not even as good as the rtx 2060. So, I would love to go the Radeon 5700 xt, but if it’s not very good in vr, I might just go the rtx 2060 super.)


I think WMR is a good stepping stone into VR. It's a nice way to see if you want to delve deeper and commit more funds. Unfortunately, I haven't had the funds to really dig deep with my Lenovo headset and played only a few VR Demos available from Steam. Another issue is game compatibility. Not all games are going to run (natively) on WMR headsets.

If you look through the list of VR games/apps on the Steam web site, you'll note that not every game/app has the goggled smiley face which represents WMR compatibility.

If the games you're most interested in are not supported, then WMR may not be the route for you.

-Wolf sends