Question Should I go for a 5400rpm drive?

Jul 12, 2019
Planning to upgrade my storage. Going to be going with a 250gb ssd for boot drive and a 1tb ssd for games. I'm looking to include two extra drives, a 2tb general use drive and a 4tb "archive" drive. The general use drive will be for stuff that's going to be used frequently like music, pics, vids, art projects (painttool sai, photoshop), music resources (synths, samples, etc), video projects, etc; while the archive drive will be used for stuff that's not immediately important but still useful to keep on a drive (game backups, roms, old projects, stuff like that).
Should I just go for a 5400rpm? Any models I should look for?
If I were going to buy an "Archive" drive......I would buy it from a quality manufacturer like Seagate or Western Digital.......but I wouldn't spend a lot extra on speed. If you can save money on a 5400 RPM drive and you don't mind using a 5400 RPM drive than go for it.
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