Question Should I go for an 850w PSU or 1000w PSU? (PC Build)


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I am currently working on a Gaming PC I'm planning to save up for however on PCPartPicker it lists the "Estimated Wattage" would be 786w thus making sense that an 850w PSU would be sufficient however should I get a 1000w PSU for extra power "clearance" (I've heard having a PSU that can just barely power your system can stress the PSU and reduce its lifespan... I'm not sure how true that is however just to be safe I guess...)

At least 1000W or more. The issue is transient spikes, the 3080 may be 320W but for a fraction of a second it might spike to 550W. If your running a heavy load on the CPU and GPU at the same time you could trip the over current protection on the 850W.
You should consider the fact that the PSU (~10y) will last much longer than the GPU (~5y) and PSU is the less affected part by tech revolution, the only significant PSU change for the last 20y is the output power, I have a couple of 300W/350W/ 400W PSU in perfect working condition but I have to discard them because they simply don't supply enough of power for newer system.