Question Should I go with ryzen 5 2600 or ryzen 7 1700 STRICTLY for video editing with only Davinci resolve? And is a Gtx 1060 enough for it 1080p footage?

Jun 22, 2019
They are $10 apart so it doesn't really matter. I was wondering which one I should choose for davinci resolve only no gaming whatsoever. r7 1700 has 2 more cores and 4 more threads but r5 2600 has higher clock out of box and has the newer architecture. I am planning oc with the included cooler. Davinci resolve is very gpu heavy so I am thinking of going with a gtx 1060. Please note i am editing with just 1080p footage. But wondering if it is powerful enough for the professional grade software.


Nov 23, 2013
I would go with the 2600x if I was building a low cost pc for Davinci...Davinci likes clock speed as well as core count so IMO a 2600x with a good cooler and running XFR2 will perform very well.

One issue often over looked when OCing Ryzen 8 core chips like the 1700 is you'll need a quality motherboard for long term stability...not all x470 motherboards are good overclockers and most B450 boards are entirely unsuited for it. The reason is the poor VRM implementation on many x470 boards and almost all B450 boards which provide only 4 phase VRM's. For long term stability OCing while running heavy editing workloads you'll want something like the Asrock x470 Taichi or the ASUS Crosshair 7 which both provide much beefier VRM's. If 200 dollars boards are out of your budget then definitely go with the 2600 or 2600x as they push the VRM's a lot less than the 8 core Ryzens do letting you use a cheaper x470 board without issues down the road as long as you dont push heavy OCing. As an added bonus the 2600x ships with a much better cooler than the 2600 as well saving you money.

The 1060 should be fine.
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