Should I just updgrade my gpu or my cpu+mobo+ram ?


Mar 24, 2017
Ok so here are my specs:
CPU: AMD FX-8320
CPU COOLER : Coolermaster Hyper 103
MOBO: Gigabye GM-880-UD2H
RAM: 4 Gb Corsair LP 1600Mhz
GPU: GTX 650 Sparkle 1GB
PSU: Thermaltake SmartSeries SE 500W
Here is my long term problem.. the mobo doesn't support my cpu and underclocks it at 2.9 instead of 3.5 Ghz, I wanna make this a good gaming pc for the next 2 years.
Should I get a GTX 1060 ASUS 6 Gb OC and some ram or brand new i5 6600K+Gigabyte Z270-Gaming Ultra+ 8 Gb 3000Mhz ?
I've really been thinking about this for so long and now I almost have all the money.
Remember for the next 2 years, what should I change ?


Nov 2, 2015
A fast i5 such as a 6600k will be an ideal foundation for a good gaming computer for about the next 5 years, probably more.
Spending less on a h110 or h170 motherboard with a 6500 and 2133 memory would still last you 4+ years of happy gaming.

In contrast, an AMD 8320 is 3 whole generations behind intel. You might get another year or two out of it, but IMHO unless you can get a better motherboard REALLY cheap you would be wasting your money.


It's hard to say and it depends on the games you're trying to play, what resolution you play at etc. The 8320 would be 'ok' for awhile if it weren't being underclocked so badly due to the motherboard you're using. 4gb of ram is really at the low end for more modern gaming and the gpu is a bit old and out of date, low performance again depending on the games you play. You might be better off selling off some of what you have like the cpu, mobo and ram and adding that to the money you've got saved. Maybe even consider a 1050 or 1050ti instead of the 1060 and either the upcoming ryzen 3 or a hyper threaded intel pentium.

The fx cpu's suffer already from poor ipc and single core performance, downclocking it to 2.9ghz only makes performance even worse. It's going to be a fairly noticeable bottleneck with the 1060, no point in spending all you've save for an unbalanced rig. I think you'd have better luck with some compromise and upgrading the cpu and gpu if possible.

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