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Question Should I keep my Gigabyte b550 aorus elite or get an ROG Strix b550-f gaming?


Jan 6, 2020
I bought my Gigabyte b550 aorus elite used from microcenter for $120 and can still return it. I can pay an extra like 20 dollars to get the ROG Strix b550-f gaming. What are the trade offs? I don't have PBO with my b550 aorus elite and I had to update to the latest version of the bios to even be able to overclock both RAM and memory. RGB Fusion is ass and I would like aura sync since I had used it in the past. It is only a 20 dollar price difference for my situation.


I think it really comes down to both gigabyte's and asus's customer support. The strix b550-f seems to be more feature filled and also has a better bios.
They both have good reputations. Go with whichever you prefer. I see no reason not to get the ASUS. The only features which matter are those you’ll use.

Personally I only buy Gigabyte. As every one I’ve bought has been reliable. My prior rig even got BIOS updates for six years. One of the latter ones was even pretty substantial. Being a complete makeover of the BIOS UI. That’s excellent support.