Should I keep my purchase of the GTX 970 and i5-4690K cpu?


Jan 19, 2015
Ok so about a week ago I purchased the MSI GTX 970 for $299 and it was backordered, so it won't be coming here until like mid-February. Now a few days after I ordered it, news started coming out that the GTX 970 doesn't utilize 4 GB of VRAM, and only goes to 3.5, the other 0.5 is stored and would be a last thing to boost it but it takes a toll on performance.

So my question is this, should I cancel my order of the GTX 970, I plan on playing 1920X1080p resolution and will have my games capped at 60 fps since I am running my pc on a HDTV. I have not ordered the cpu or motherboard yet, so thats why I am wondering, should I cancel the order and run from it or stick with it? I don't plan on playing any resolution higher than that and same goes for fps.

If I cancel it, maybe I should wait for a new GPU in the future that may be more powerful and of the same price. WHat do you think, would I be fine with my current set-up play style preference?

Math Geek

the 970 will keep any game at 60 fps on 1080p (the max for your tv) despite the vram. they are still an awesome gpu for the money and well worth having. folks always want to bring down the king and despite all the benchmarks out there, all of a sudden now the card is not worth having. bullocks i say :D

you'll be maxing the settings for a long time to come with that gpu. and for $299 it is cheaper than usually making it even better buy. keep it and enjoy your new rig


Dec 14, 2013
I have the GTX 760 2GB card and I play at a 1080P Resolution. I get really decent framerates on games like BF4 on High graphics and insane FPS on less demanding games like CSGO and DOTA and so on.

The 970 is definitely not a bad choice! Will be really future proof and will be able to max games out really easily for now at 1080p. In the future you can always add another 970 to boost performance.