Discussion Should I limit data usage even tho I pay for unlimited plan?

Mar 24, 2019
I have an Unlimited plan of 60 Mbps (7.5 MB/s) which is the lowest plan provided by the provider: View: https://imgur.com/a/nN89oEA
(Chart Image). Btw, I live in Kolkata, India so it's Rupees rather than Dollar. Anyway, the previous month (May) I had my vacation and I had nothing to much to do, so I watched, actually downloaded many anime movies and games. All 1080p and big games, also some were corrupted and had a virus so I had to re-download and install the games. So, that rounded up to be like 800 Gbs of Internet used (In Unlimited Plan). My family also use this internet.

A few days ago, someone from the internet provider branch came to my house post to do some work for others maybe, he also came to my house to check the internet was working, but he also told me not to watch 4k videos in my 1080p monitor. Which I don't most of the time, Now, my family suspects he came here to indirectly complain about the data usage.

Idk, should I be limiting the data usage even tho I pay for an unlimited plan? Help?