should i make the switch on the video card???


Aug 26, 2004
hey guys, i might have to send my mobo in for repair and since i might have to take my computer apart im thinking about trading out my radeon 9800 pro 256bit, 128 mb card in for the the 256bit, 256mb version of the card. Im noticing that video card memory is leaning torward 256mb of video memory being the normal thing. Im supposing that game that are going to be coming out in the next year or so will start needing cards with 256mb on board memory in it, so i was thinking if switching from the 128mb to 256mb of memory would be a good idea for future use. This video card handles the games we play with more then enough power. WE dont play big power hungry games like doom, and half life,more like need for speed,(looking forward to need for speed most wanted) Matrix online, and other car games and action games . REally looking forward to the Matrix: path of neo to. So do you think going for the 256mb would be a good upgrade. oh and my currrent specs for my PC are:

1.thermaltake 480 power supply
2.gigabyte socket 754 athlon
3.1 gig crusial memory
4.120 gig hard drive
5.athlon 3000 2.0 ghz

oh and would switching from a IDE hardrive to a sata hardrive be a good sugestion to. Like i said this card is more then enough to play teh games we play now, and the game we plan on playing just wondering if the switch would be good, or should i just go up a notch in the card, dont want to go over 200 dollars, ill be selling the radeon card i have now to help pay for it, thanks guys


Another NO vote. terrible upgrade!

Are you in the USA? You can get an AGP X800 pro 256MB for $180 from ATI. It's far better than a 6600GT, 6800, or X800 and just below a X800XL at stock speeds, or a 6800GT.

IMO, you need to do X800 pro, X800XL, 6800GT or better to make the upgrade worth it. Unless like me, you need a card for another system and upgrade the best system, filtering the 9800 pro into a spare/for sale system. Then a 6800le modded to 12 pipes, a 6600GT, a 6800, or a X800 would be good options and definately above any 9800 pro.

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This one is nice: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

Of course another $50 and this one would be much better than even a successful 12-pipe modded 6800le.
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That has got to be the worst upgrade I've seen anyone consider in a long time.

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Jun 7, 2005
I unlocked my 6800LE
16pipes 5 vertex shaders. it owns
with a 3400+

(theyre just rounded)
I did not overclock the card yet.