[SOLVED] Should I mount my radiator on top or front?

Sep 27, 2018
I am getting the EK Custom loop and I'm deciding whether to have the radiator at the front of the case or top. Keep in mind the top can only fit a 240mm rad and front can fit 360mm rad. Which one should I go for? If the front 360mm rad has a lot better cooling than 240mm then should I go for that and have the fans on top be responsible for intaking air into my system or leave three fans by themselves at the front intaking more air into the system while smaller 240mm rad is on top responsible for the loop? I want maximum cooling potential since I am over clocking both my i5 9600k and rtx 2080
It used to be the easy answer to this was to front mount the radiator. Fix the rad fans to draw cool outside air across the radiator blowing into the case, and the top and rear fans drawing the hot air outside the case.

It had been previously well established that GPU's could much more easily handle the relatively mildly heated case air warmed by the CPU vs. the CPU having to deal with the very much hotter case air warmed by the GPU. But it might be different now, with 2080's burning up and CPU's overclocked from Intel such that overclocking them further you're bound to be running very close to the limits of thermal stability.

Things could be changed. Ideally I think you'd put a water block on the 2080 and include it in the cooling loop with a 360 rad in front, possibly a 240 at top too. A 2080 certainly costs enough to justify the extra expense considering you are going custom loop in the first place.