Sep 19, 2010
Hows it going.

I am in the process of build a gaming PC, Intel i5 2500k on a asus p67 motherboard, with 8gb of ram.

OS-windows 7 64bit.

I was goin to purchase my Hardrive next, i was gonna go for a Samsung 500gb 7200rpm.(approx 120 euro)

Now my questions

-Does my system support an SSD?
-What size would i need it to be to store my os, Flight sim X, and arma2?

If so should can i use the ssd as my harddrive until i can afford another hardrive?

Can somebody recommend a quality SSD for approx 120 euro from dabs.ie please





Windows is somewhere between 20-30gb.
Arma2 is like 10gb.
Flight Sim X is like 14gb.

You would be able to use a 64gb size for the OS and a couple games. 128gb would obviously fit more games.

Your SSD would look just like a hard drive and function like one in windows. Many people have an SSD as their OS/games drive and a regular spinning hard drive for their other data.

I would use an SSD as your system/games drive and add a 500gb or 1tb as a storage drive depending on your needs.

Install Win 7 on an SSD. Go with a 128gb to give you more headroom and add a HDD later for storage. That is my advice.

Edit: Here is Tom's Best SSDs link: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-review-benchmark,3115.html