Should I overclock?


Oct 14, 2008
Hey guys, first off, specs:

E8500 @ 3.16ghz, 1333 mhz FSB.
4 gigs of ram
Gigabyte UD3R mobo
XFX Black Edition GTX 285
Corsair 650watt PSU
Xigmatek S1283 CPU Cooler

My motherboard software, EasyTune6 has my temps at, CPU: 26c and my System Temp @: 37c

CoreTemp has my cpu at 34c and it goes up to about 40-41c during gaming....

My question is, with the easytune6, it has 1 click OC and the first stage is OC'ing to 3.6ghz with a FSB of 1600mhz, Would it be safe for me to do this and would it shorten the life of my computer?

Also, would I see any difference in my computer during gaming from 3.16 to 3.6, I play Call of Duty: World at War, Company of Heroes, Crysis, BF2, America's Army...etc etc

Thank you


Apr 9, 2009
The phrase "1 click OC" fills my soul with infinite dread. (Read: Stay far, far away from such things)

If you do overclock, do it the right way, from the bios.

You can probably get a 3.6ghz OC on stock voltage, so just by bumping up the fsb in the bios. This wouldn't have any noticeable effect on the life of your processor.

To be honest though, you might get a few extra fps in those games if you overclocked, but not too much. Your pc already no doubt runs them at excellent framerates with that GTX 285, and you would definitely not be able to feel the performance gain in any way.