Question Should i pay someone to do my cables managment??

Using cables like that is unsafe. They adapt a connector designed to deliver 75w to a connector designed to power 150w.

Your PSU should have came with the proper PCIe cables. that go from an 8 pin that plugs into the PSU to dual 8 pins
Cable management doesn't REALLY matter. As long as the cables are not impeding airflow too much or stuck in a fan, it's purely aesthetic.
To a degree, this is true, but you can't really make a blanket statement on it not mattering when it depends a lot on the case used and it's airflow. I like to keep them as tucked and out of sight as possible, and it pays not only in air flow, but less clutter come time to clean the case or upgrade.

That said, you could do better with dust management OP, especially if you plan on getting a really high end GPU. Some tips I can offer on that are, 1, pick a case with ample space, preferably with filter screens on all intakes, and adjustable speed fans. 2, get to know the CFM of each fan, and adjust your fan speed so you have slightly more intake than exhaust flow. This will create a slight positive air pressure inside the case, and keep dust from sucking in through unfiltered crevices.

As far as the 3090 GPUs, if yours isn't an Nvidia reference model, I highly advise not using an aftermarket one, unless it's an EVGA model other than their base model. Reason being is most are not even following Nvidia's reference design of having two high grade MLCC capacitors on the back of the processor in the array of 6 that are placed there. (All models of the EVGA 3090 other than the base one show a back pic of them having two MLCC caps). The result of one or no MLCCs is excessive signal noise coming through the power circuit affecting the GPUs ability to perform calculations accurately when the GPU goes into boost clock mode, which typically happens frequently. This is what's causing these after market cards to crash while gaming.

JayzTwoCents made a video about it, based on igorslab testing in Germany. However Jay makes a statement I'm not fully sure is true. ASUS indeed sent him a 3080 TUF, which he said has all 6 of the caps in that array being the good MLCC kind, but only ASUS' main product page shows them as such. Two of the sub vendors they list on the Where to Buy tab (Newegg and B&H) including ASUS' own online store, show it as having all 6 caps being the cheap kind, which is worst case scenario, and what Zotac is doing (one of the ones that crashes a lot).

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