Question Should I plug some fans into Mobo or Commander Pro

Jun 12, 2019
Recently built a pc, and it’s running great, but I want to over lock it.
I have a total of 8 fans in my case. I have the commander pro powering all the fans, should I plug some of those fans into the mobo or leave them plugged into the Corsair commander pro? I’m wondering if I should plug some fans into mobo, I have 3 fan ports open.

Mobo-Asus Z-390 H Gaming
Cooling- Corsair H100i Platinum
CPU-I7 8700K
Memory-4x8GB Corsair vengeance Ram
Storage-970 evo(500GB) M.2 & 1tb Samsung SSD
PSU-Corsair RM 750
Fans- 6 LL120
Fan Hub-Commander Pro