[SOLVED] Should I Replace a 10A Power Cable With a 6A One?

Jun 11, 2019
What I have is a Cooler Master 600W PSU and it indeed came with 10A - 250V UK power cord. As we have rounded pins in India, I had to use an UK to India conversion plug to make the use of it. I decided not to use it anymore since my CPU cabinet gave me a jerk and I ended up finding it was an earthing disconnection as it fit loose in the UPS.

Should I replace the 10A cable with a 6A one? I didn’t find any 10A cable in the market, and even Amazon, de facto sent me a 6A - 250V whilst I ordered a 10A one. I don’t want to take any more hassles by returning it and then ordering another one again.
What made me stop from changing it is the warning sticker on the cable, it says some kind of – if it doesn’t fit, "alternative plugs on approved 10amp fuse must be fitted in the plug", .."use a 10amp fuse approved by ASTA to BS 1362, ie carries the ASTA mark".

PSU: Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 600W 230V UK Power Supply
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