Question Should I replace my old Laptop's CMOS battery?


Jun 4, 2021
I'm noticing that the time and date lag behind on my Windows 10 laptop whenever I plug it out of the socket (I don't use the laptop battery) for some time. I know this is a CMOS battery issue, but should I replace it? It's an older Legacy BIOS system and I don't mind the time delay as I can just click sync In the Windows settings, plus all my BIOS settings are set to factory default anyways.

But is there an inherent need to change it right away?


You seem to be getting by more or less.

However, there is no way to really know some future consequence of continuing to do so.

There is this guy named "Mr. Murphy" who could show up at the worst possible time (no pun intended).

I would replace the CMOS battery ASAP.

No point in leaving your self and your laptop vulnerable to an issue that could, one way or another, end badly.
What is the make/model of your laptop?
CMOS batteries are not expensive.
I do not know if your laptop even has one.
It might depend on the laptop battery.
Changing one out may or not be difficult.
Search for a youtube video on the process for your laptop.
If you replace the laptop battery, do not go cheap and buy a "compatible" replacement.
They often do not work properly.
Some lack chips that are necessary for proper operation.
Yes, it will cost you more for a legitimate original replacement.