Question Should i replace my powerline adapter?

michael Q

Oct 13, 2014
I've had the same powerline adapter for around 6+ years now and always fairly slow download speeds is it worth upgrading to a newer model? my current model is the TL PA411 which is up to 500mb/s and from just browsing i see they are significantly "faster" than this now. From looking around i see alot of posts mentioning that it also comes down to the homes wiring so im just wondering if replacing my current model will result in a faster download speed with my current speed on apps like steam being 2-4 mb/s
If your download is currently 2MB/sec, that's about 20Mbps and will see an improvement from the newest models. If your download is currently 2Mb/sec the newest models should still show improvements.

I have powerlines from the 500, 600, 1000, 1200, and 2000 standards. The 2000 are definitely the fastest and at one site the 1200s are 4x faster than the 500s in the same outlets. At another site, the 2000s were barely 20Mbs faster than the 1200s and they were only 10Mbs faster than the 600s.

With powerlines it will vary from site to site, but at a particular site, the newer versions always do seem to bring much better speeds. I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade. Besides, it will take you 5 minutes to find out if it's worth it, so buy them locally and if they're not worth it, just return them.