Should I return my 7850 1gb for a 2gb? Need help


Dec 18, 2012
Hi, I just received (half) of my shipment for parts to build a new pc.
My original plan was to use this card: *I have received the card and it's box has NOT been opened*
and I was going to purchase a 1600x900 20" monitor to play games.
However, some thing have changed since I ordered, I discovered my parents had a "older" Dell 1440 x 900 17" monitor which only needs a VGA cable. So, now my plan will probably be to use that until I buy a 21.5" 1080p monitor; which should be more worthwhile of an upgrade.
Would my card be able to handle high-ultra settings on newer games with smooth fps(constant 50+ atleast)? Or should I upgrade to 2gb? I don't play Battlefield, but titles such as GTA, Tomb Raider, Skyrim and Far Cry 3 do interest me.

The 2gb card I'm looking at:
MSI R7850 Twin Frozr OC AMD Radeon HD 7850 2gb $180 +Free shipping, in stock January 21 (Has been out of stock for a long time, and Amazon has a extremely huge deal on it; I also don't care about rebates)

My other important specs:
ASRock H77M micro ATX LGA 1155 Mobo

If this is just absolutely worthwhile(meaning I'll see noticeably smoother FPS on high settings @ 1080p) then I will probably go through with the pain of returning, although I would like to know if the MSI card is better than a Sapphire in terms of quality.

Also, another concern is Newegg's returns. What do I need to know about it? Are there any kind of fees I have to pay? If so, how much?