Question Should I RMA a QHD display with one single dead pixel?


Jan 9, 2017
Just got my LC27HG70. After some hours, I noticed there's a single dead pixel on the top central region, like 2 cm from the edge.

I'ts a QHD screen: It literally has millions of pixels... should I roll the dice again?

Overall, every other aspect is ok...

I can't really make up my mind about this!!!
Two thoughts here:

1. Depends on whether Samsung will allow an RMA with a single dead pixel.
I don't believe they will:
Dead/black dot defect which does not exceed more than 7 dots are within factory specification
2. It truly is a roll of the dice. If they allowed it, you might get one with more dead pixels OR just one, but in a more inconvenient/more noticeable location.

If I were you, I wouldn't. However, from the limited info I see on Samsungs "dead pixel" policy, I don't think you can anyway.
The store you purchased from might let you exchange, if within X amount of time ..... but see point #2 above.
No more common or uncommon than any other resolution...

Given where the pixel is, I would personally just put up with it. But if you talk to whichever store you bought it from, perhaps they'd let you return/exchange in-store, where you could test out the 'replacement' panel and see if it's any better/worse? If it's worse, keep the one you have?
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