Should I RMA my FX-6100 and pick up a X4-980T

Okay so I'm a little worried about my FX-6100 and its new architecture that isn't supported by most everything I use my computer for. The synthetic cores bother me. So I bought it less than a month ago (so I can still send it back) and I'm toying with the idea of getting a Phenom II X4 980T BE while they are still available. According to benchmarks the 980T BE will perform better for gaming. From what I have read the FX-6100 and other Bulldozer/Zambrezi chips will be fixed with Windows 8, I just got Windows 7 though (not ready to splash the cash for more microsoft products) and who knows exactly when Win8 will be released or if my FX-6100 will even perform better. Am I just paranoid or is this a good idea? They are the same price on newegg so I'm getting a straight-up trade and newegg has already accepted my RMA. Should I stick with my FX-6100 and hope for the best or use a 980T for a year or two until I can afford either a Piledriver or switch to Intel? I primarily use my computer for playing FPS games and surfing the internet so I don't think I was gonna use the 6 cores anyway. Let me know what you think.
NewEgg webpage: AMD FX-6100 Zambezi 3.3GHz Socket AM3+ 95W Six-Core Desktop Processor

Apparently checking that "add rush processing to my order for $2.99" box really works because its already been processed and being shipped (its a sunday ffs). They said I can refuse the package or I can send it right back unopened for a refund. I might just keep it though and use it for a while and if I don't want to keep one of them I'll sell it on eBay or craigslist for a loss. I am okay with either reselling or keeping both, its my wife that I have to kind of smooth things over with. If you had both processors which would you use? I think the 980T will perform better for my purposes, however, that is the only one I can get a full refund on.
I guess so.

Maybe list both on Craigslist and eBay? (you can always say it was grabbed on the other site if you get two offers on the same CPU)

There's a chance you'll get a higher % return selling an unopened 980T than a used FX-6100.

The flip side of that is you might get someone who doesn't hang around THG forums and might be looking to upgrade a dual core Athlon II with some new tech like the FX-6100.