Should I RMA this motherboard


Oct 26, 2010
So I buy all of the components for a super cheap budget system for my kids based on an AMD APU. Here are the specs.

Mobo: Biostar TA75A+
CPU: AMD A4-3300 2.5 GHz
RAM: 8 Gb DDR 3 G.Skill Ripjaws running at 1333 MHz
PSU: Cooler Master 450 watt

I hook up everything, hit the power button, and no graphics. Try moving the RAM to the other slots, no graphics. Install the graphics card from my computer, voila, I now have graphics. I contact Biostar support they tell me to remove the graphics card, and reset the Bios, no graphics. I replace the CMOS battery (I noticed every time I booted the computer that the system time was different), no graphics.

I have two options here.

1. RMA the board
2. Buy a discrete graphics card, which defeats the purpose of going with the APU.

What should I do?