Question Should i sell my gaming pc for a ps4?

Should i get PS4?

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Jun 22, 2018
So before commenting about "no pc master race","No pc is better etc i just want to say is i want to sell my gaming pc for a ps4 because my little brother always do stupid things on my pc like throwing the mouse and keyboard (my little brother broke my old mouse so i buy a new mouse),being like a spoiled dik,playing roblox for hours and hours i mean like i always go to sleep at 10PM (when it the weekdays) it it weedends ill always stay up to 12 or 3AM but in weekdays and weekends my little bro always play at 9/10PM all the way to 4 fcking am.So should i consider selling my pc for a PS4? my little bro doesn't watch TV at all now
IMHO your brother will just find his way to your PS4 just as he did with the PC and keep ruining your nights.
The difference is now you will won't have your PC.

Best scenario is to talk him out of it or impose some ground rules that no gaming on weekdays past 10PM.

Set some passwords on the PC, if you have a admin account, create another one for your brother and use some of those parental control things to make sure he won't be able to play whenever he want to.