Should I sell my pc for a xbox one x

May 4, 2018
Hi I was wondering if it is worth it to sell my pc for an Xbox one x. All my friends from school are on Xbox but there are no pc players so I play alone. I don’t really need my pc for anything else, because I have another laptop for other purposes
It strikes me that this would inherently and obviously be a choice you could make for yourself?

If you look at the numbers, yea, a console is generally not a winner. But lots of other stuff goes into that decision. Evidently you want to play with your friends. The solution is either to convert them, or join them. Seeing as a console is easier entry, joining them probably makes more sense.

Do you need the PC for anything else? School?

Seriously though - this really is not a great question for a public forum, most of the intangibles are something left to your personal judgement, and the tangibles are objective so it doesn't make sense to debate those.