Question should I setup a second router to help with gaming


Jan 5, 2014
so basically my internet is not very good, i have to use Wireless Broadband, because the Broadband we get is about 1-3 mbps if you are lucky but with the Wireless Broadband i can get up to 30mbps but it can go down to 10mbps and the upload is only 2.5mbps. if other people are using the internet the latency can be sporadic, so i was thinks about getting a 4g router for gaming or having it as the main router, I know that 4g can be sporadic but i not really know what else to do?.
or if anyone has any better opinions?
You are better off putting everything else on the 4g and let the gaming on the slower wired connection. Other than when you install it games use almost no bandwidth. Most are well under 1mbps up and down. It should have no issues running on the slower connection assuming it pretty much has it to itself.

This I suspect though will end up being a money issue unless you happen to live someplace that will let you run unlimited tethered bandwidth. Most have some kind of monthly cap.

Sounds like you have a choice between a bad internet and a worse internet connection. Guess you will just have to move :)