Question Should I start building my pc now

Jul 29, 2022
I've received all of my pc parts except for my GPU which comes tomorrow, I'm kinda eager to build so do you guys think it's fine if I start building now and install the GPU tomorrow? Overnight, do I have to do anything with the installed parts like cover them or something?
I like to build incremental to see if everything works, and since GPU is one of last things added I see no problem with doing your build today. And if you build inside case all you need is just close side panels (even without screwing them) when you done today.
By all means go ahead and start.
Particularly if you have integrated graphics.

If you have not yet done so, read the case manual and the motherboard manual cover to cover first.

Lay things out on a table and test it all there first.
If you have a problem it is much easier to fix outside of the case.

I usually go as far as insalling windows before moving all into the case.