Question Should I switch from AMD to Nvidia? Need a new card!


Nov 28, 2018
Hello all! It's been awhile (for me atleast). I've come back in search of good advice on what my next gpu should be. So my current GPU is an R9 Nano 4GB and it's a good card and all but it's old and I know that at some point it's probably going to become irrelevant especially since gaming is starting to require more VRAM and 4GB isnt gonna cut it anymore. So I think getting a card with like 6gb or 8gb would be acceptable. I was thinking about possibly switching back to Nvidia from AMD. I used to have a GTX 770 but I think I killed it. It's still sitting in my room in a box of parts and I havent bothered to see if it works or try to go fix it. After that experience though I switched to AMD pretty much immediately. I havent had a problem with that card ever and it's super reliable but I'm just thinking it's time for a new card. Anyways, if I were to go the amd route, I'd probably be buying the RX 5600 or 5700. My setup consists of 2 Freesync monitors which I dont plan on getting rid of for a long time. If I were to go with Nvidia I would probably buy the 2060 or 1660 TI. Is it worth it though to switch back and get Ray Tracing? Is it worth losing out on freesync to switch? I do play some games that utilize it but is it really worth it to switch? Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

My specs:
R7 1700x
MSI x370 M7 Ack Gaming
16gb Ram
R9 Nano
600 Watt PSU
2 Freesync Monitors

Let me know if anything else is needed
Nov 15, 2020
All the cards above are compatible with FreeSync. Even NVIDIA ones. You should get a rtx 2060. You'll see the huge difference in-game and you will be up to date will all the features a game can give you.


Well the price and feature set is what you should consider, a 5700xt is neck and neck with the RTX 2070 super now a days, can be faster in most cases with the softpower mod but requires good cooling. But AMD cards do lack Ray Tracing at the hardware level. I also find AMD's Recording software to be pretty crap, good encoder chip, just crap software.

Again its the same with the 5600xt vs 2060, they are both right around the same performance, of course you got Ray Tracing on the Nvidia card, be better software in my opinion with Nvidia.

I decided to give AMD a try and I'm happy with it, no issues at all. I guess my issue with Nvidia with my 1070, my monitor had issues with anything over 120hz after driver 355.12, and of course it defaults it to 144hz because thats what the monitor supports, and it also hates Gsync, of course Nvidia enables it by default for some reason, so I can't use that display at all with Displayport after driver 355.12. Works great on my AMD card, thats one of bigger reason why I moved away from them personally, I don''t think things liek that should be enabled by default if the monitor is not really Gsync ready out of the box.