Should I switch out my video card on my new comp?


May 26, 2004
I just picked up (it is being shipped right now) a new computer and I was wondering if I could get some advice.

I have been away from the gaming/computer scene for a while (I confess I bought a console to suffice my gaming needs...for a while)

P4 3.06 with HT
120GB HD
1GB DDR 3200 RAM
VIA VT8751 MB with a VT8235 SB chipset (4x AGP slot)

The video card is a Radeon 9200 (R92-D3L) 256MB AGP Card. I was wondering if this system will be suffice (meaning no slow down, played at 1024 x 768, and most special effects cranked up) for games like BF1942 (which I purchased even though I don't have the computer yet), KOTOR, and Half Life 2.

I was thinking about replacing the Video Card with a 9800 Pro (wow, 170.00 at, but not sure if I really need that much power right now? (I think the 9800 Pro is 4x compatible?)

Thanks so much for the help and advice all!!



Jan 27, 2004
With the 9200 you will not be able to play almost anything.. Get a 9800Pro 128 and you'l have a very good gaming machine. The diference between agp8x and 4x is minimal and sometimes its equal. I've heard of some 9800Pro's with 128bit memory so be carefull with that...

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I also feel that in no way will games like HL2 be playable at your desired resolution/settings on a R9200. I'd avoid the $170 bananapc R9800 pro as it has the 128 bit bus. I haven't seen any benchies, but in no way can that card keep up with a R9800 Pro with 256-bit memory bus. Notice, I am not say 256MB of memory, but 256 bit memory bus like the $209 Saphire in the link you were given.

Man I hate it that Saphire did that to a R9800 Pro. Makes pricewatch a bit tricky even on 9800 pros now.

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May 23, 2004
yep, if ya want to play next gen games go for at least an 9600 or nv5700. These are the lowest you can go. Saving bucks the 5900se or xt isn't bad, but you will notice the quality difference with Nvidia's lower shader calculations compaired to ATI far better. Even the 5950 had issues with saw toothing and it does like crap.


May 26, 2003
Yes please definately upgrade the AGP, 9800 series would be a good choice.

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