Question Should I take Internal/external HDD,SSD or flashdrive for linux?


Aug 23, 2016
Sup, I want to start learning linux, and want a safe environment which I can play with, for this I want a seperate storage device from my windows..
now, I tought about buying some cheap 160-120gb internal HDD for that which I can format incase of trouble easily.. use it mostly for linux practices, downloading linux related softwares and more of such.
now, I dont want to waste too much money as I will probably won't hang on it too much and it'll be mostly on the side.
so I tought, should I buy cheap hdd? should it be internal or external (idk if I will work on a seperate PC ever, but who knows) should I try SSD as prices fell down? or maybe a flash drive with 64gigs will do?

Would appreciate your help :D
Fast USB 3.1 can work with most serious Linux distros just as fast as with any internal HDD. Personally, I use mostly Linux Mint on a cheap SATA SSD (Kingston A400, 120 GB) connected by SATA to USB 3.1 adapter.
Problem with Linux on external storage is that any changes made to it or any programs installed last only during that one session and are lost after reboot. To get over that you must install it with "persistance" up to 4gb. Then it will retain changes and data.
For a beginner, easiest way I know is to use To download a Linux Distro and make a bootable external device.