Question Should I trade this laptop for this desktop? Need opinions and thoughts

Mar 9, 2019
I am working out a deal with a person who is looking for a laptop. He is interested in my the laptop specs are as follows. The laptop comes with a charger and is in great condition

Acer Aspire E 14 E5-491G-70PX
CPU- Intel i7 6700HQ
8 GB DDR3 Ram
1000 TB HDD
GTX 940m
1366x 768 screen resolution @ 14 inches

rest of specs can be found in this cnet link

He is willing to trade his desktop, $60 in cash and a intel i5 2400 CPU for this laptop
Specs of Desktop
CPU- AMD FX 8320
MOBO- Asus M5a99x Evo rev. 1.01
GTX 750 ti EVGA
8GB stock ram
1000 TB HDD
750 watt Solid Gear PSU
Wifi Card

I priced out the desktop to be around $250 give or take. However, the parts are pretty old. Do you guys think its worth to trade my pretty new laptop for this old desktop, some cash, and a old cpu? I want opinions on what the performance difference will be like and how easy you guys think it will be to resell the desktop to another person
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PSU in computer looks like a junk brand, the only thing that is faster than in your laptop is the video card, but it's not really worth the trade. You would need to swap out everything in the system to make it worth it. You are better off selling the laptop and getting the parts for a desktop then.