Should i try using a x2 4gb or 1x 8gb kingston hyperx fury black with a 1x 8gb red already owned


Jun 9, 2015
Hi, my question is should I try a x2 4gb Kingston hyperx fury black or the x1 8gb hyperx fury black with my hyperx fury red 8gb already in my computer. I trying to get to 16gb for my computer but the 8gb single came with my barebone kit a while back so now I want to upgrade to 16gb. I understand mixing ram is always a risk and might not work, I just want to know if I would have better luck to dual channel the 4gb and have my 8 gb on a slot of its own or trying using two 8gb together (red with black). the specs on the rams are gonna be the same (1866 speed, 1.5 voltage, etc.) but though mines is red while the ones im getting are black. Also my motherboard supports up to 32gb. Thank you for the time to respond to this, I cant make a decision.


May 28, 2015

I would go with another 1x8gb stick, provided that they are the same. Basically, Im guessing that you're running dual channel and so getting another 1x8GB kit will go well. Just make sure that they are from the same manufacturer and even model, just to be on the same side! It doesnt matter whether one stick is older than the other, just make sure that they're the same (preferably). RAM is also always upgradable so getting a 1x8GB kit may help you out more if you ever want to add more than just 16GB (even though 16< is just overkill). But yeah, as you said in the description, if you're buying the same, it's worth getting the 1x8GB kit to add to your existing 1x8GB module :D


Legenda in Aeternum
Best to simply get a 2x8GB set, that way it's guaranteed to play together. Mixing DRAM, even the same exact model, there are no guarantees, which is why they offer DRAM in such a wide assortment of packaging, the DRAM in a package is tested to play nice.