Should I uninstall/driver clean platform with EERE


Aug 30, 2004
haha, I ran out of topic space.

Yeah so Im getting a new mobo and cpu.

Now, Im on nforce2, which uses the same driver package as the new mobo im getting, nforce3.

But I still think I should reinstall drivers, right?

My idea is to uninstall all drivers and reboot into safe mode and drivercleaner the remaining ones, then shut off the computer and put in the new mobo and cpu, bootup and (with the driver package already downloaded and waiting) install the drivers for the nforce3, even though theyre the same drivers.


Or am I way better off doing a fresh install?


If you have xp pro, all you need to do is remove mobo devices in device manager before shutting down to change hardware. I dont know if that will work in xp home.
BTW the drivers for NF3 are very different from NF2, even if you stay with the same mobo maker.


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Under Windows XP a repair installation usually works for getting your devices configured.

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