Should I update ASUS mobo BIOS and how?


Dec 27, 2012
My newly home-built computer is randomly freezing, and I thought maybe the BIOS needs to be updated. But I've read in some forums that you shouldn't update without a compelling reason, so now I'm nervous. I don't want to break my computer in my effort to fix it. Should I update the bios, and if so, how?

I have 2 4GB DDR3 G.Skill Sniper sticks - F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR

a motherboard: ASUS F2 A85-M CSM

And an APU:
AMD A10 5800K

I looked at other forum posts, and it said to download the latest driver and put the .rom file on a flash drive and then boot from the flash drive to install the new driver. However, when I download the drivers, it's a .cap file. Also, if I'm not supposed to Flash from Windows, does that mean I should pick a different operating system, like DOS, when downloading the driver?
Do I need to also put a program like "EZFlash" on the flash driver? Where do I get that?
Which driver should I download? DLM or the non-DLM?
Which driver should I download... the latest one numbered 5202
"Fixed Power On By RTC function failed" or the one before that 5107
"Improve system stability." My version is 5103 or something, so the 5107 seems like it's in the same line.


In re: freezing, I know it's not heat, not bad RAM, not bad install... I've tested everything else. Only thing left to do is change my RAM settings (still waiting for an answer to that in a separate post) and update BIOS.
Not sure if a BIOS update would solve the issue. I would firstly reinstall Windows, update it and not install a graphics driver or ASUS Ai Suite. Run it for a while without other USB devices than keyboard and mouse connected and see if still the same. Are you using a regular USB mouse?
However, for updating the BIOS you can use EZ Flash 2 in BIOS.
Download and unzip the BIOS version on a FAT formatted USB stick. It's a CAP file.
Connect it , enter BIOS and follow the instructions of the flashing applications.
Even if something goes wrong during the process, you can order a BIOS chip and replace the board's one (it's on socket).

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